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Windermere Real Estate/Central Inc

737 Market Street

Kirkland, WA 98033

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Real estate transactions are becoming more complex, competitive, and require a broader set of expertise to best represent a client's interests. As market information becomes more real time and readily available, other aspects of the deal are becoming increasingly the ‘difference maker’ in making a listing and/or offer stand out. My professional, personal, and life experiences have what it take to represent you and your real estate interests!

As an agent, I’ve surrounded myself with the best in the industry to represent you; myself and supporting team have over 25 years real estate experience. I take a boutique approach to my business – I tailor my business around understanding your needs, educating and consulting in every aspect of the process, providing top notch analytics, customized marketing, and strategizing to win your side of the deal. Although a Kirkland resident; my client portfolio is well balanced between Seattle and the Eastside.

Prior to real estate I worked in both high-tech & consumer travel for close to 10 years. My experience in Finance, Marketing, and Social Media laid a solid foundation for a set of skills that are required by an agent in a competitive real estate market. My attention to financial detail and market analytics are well linked with connecting the right value points with the right audience. In addition, years spent in corporate contract negotiations are paying off as I leverage them in the art of the real estate deal when I represent my clients. On the education front, I graduated with a double major in Finance / Economics from Gonzaga University. My passion for homes was highly shaped by moving a lot – I’ve lived in 5 states and 3 countries. As the daughter of a commercial banker, our family moved every 3-4 years. As an adventurer, I chose to leave outside the US on several occasions and value the world perspective I gained in my travels. I know homes, I know people, and I have perspective.

On the personal side, I enjoy socializing with friends, hosting dinner parties and enjoying a glass of red wine. My competitive edge is fulfilled by competing in triathlons & marathons. I’m passionate about community development and helping those in need. Most importantly, I find deep value and joy in the simple moments with my husband and daughter. I look forward to working with you in your next transaction. I am confident that you will quickly see the value I bring to the table – from getting to know you to winning a deal, I am committed to making this a great process. I love homes, I love helping people, & I love winning.